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If you want to offer home delivery as part of your service, Connect has you covered. Our driver service is built to assign live jobs to our drivers as soon as they start their delivery shift.

When a new order comes in, drivers can choose to ‘accept’, ‘decline’ or ‘cancel’. When they accept, the system automatically adds the job to their workload. The driver will then have sight of the delivery details, such as what the order consists of, the delivery address, the value of the order, and whether or not it has already been paid for.

In this section, drivers can access directions to the delivery address, call your store if there are any issues, and even call the customer, should they have any trouble finding their door.

Before setting off, the driver can hit our ‘en route’ button which will alert your customer that their order is on its way. This also allows them to track where your driver is and how far away they are.

To keep your customer fully up to speed with the delivery process, once your driver arrives at their address, they should hit an ‘arrived’ button which will alert your customer. It’s also at this stage the driver will be prompted as to whether or not to collect payment, and if so, how much is required.

Before leaving the delivery address, the driver must obtain a customer signature – through the app – which confirms for you that the goods were delivered.

If age-restricted items form part of the customer’s order, the driver app will also prompt your driver to check and confirm they are of age to receive the goods, giving you extra peace of mind. This information is accessible through your dashboard and your instore terminal device, offering complete transparency in terms of your store’s delivery activity, including payments.

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