Marketing Through Connect

Unlike other ordering services on the market, Connect gives you complete control over your marketing initiatives.

Connects Dashboard

All data generated through the app belongs to YOU – which isn’t the case with many other third-party ordering services. Connect gives you the ability to run promotions as and when you wish, and for whichever products you choose. All this is can be done through our incredibly powerful dashboard.
Connect also offers an opportunity to grab market share from competitors and increase your revenue.

These marketing tools, paired with the flexibility and convenience of the app itself, makes it easier not only to serve your customers, but learn about them. You will be able to build a picture of your customers and better serve them moving forward.

Pro-active campaigns to acquire new customers – not just passing trade.

Digital marketing campaigns.

Increased data capture.

Profiting customer buying habits.

Loyalty programme.

Build a customer database.

Easy re-ordering through Apple Pay and re-order funciton.

Marketing automation through Push Notifications, email and SMS.

If you’d like more information on how Connect can increase sales for your business, please complete the contact form at the foot of this page.

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